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Customer Management Department

You will have your Customer accounts organized


Key Objectives of the Customer Management Department?

  • Establish and reinforce trust between you and your customers

  • Identify areas of improvement, both in terms of client experience and operational efficiency

  • Monitor customer feedback and look for ways to improve customer satisfaction

  • Ensure that clients' expectations are met or exceeded at all times.

Our tasks are:

  • Maintaining customer accounts

  • Billing

  • Collecting payments and posting them

  • Handling customer invoices queries and claims

If you have any more tasks related to your customers, we can add them to the tasks list, upon discussion. Each business has its own needs and we listen to that!


Suppliers Management Department

You will know how much you will pay next month in bills!

Accounting Documents

Goals for the Supplier Management Department

  • Process and pay bills owed by a company to its suppliers. 

  • Selecting, monitoring, and evaluating suppliers.

  • Solving claims and issues with suppliers

What are the pros?

  • You will have time to nurture the relationship with your customer in order to increase their Loyalty and Satisfaction

  • You will be able to have your invoices accurate and paid sooner

  • You will have your supplier happy because you will be able to pay them on time

  • You will have all accounts reconciled monthly

Keeping accounts


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