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Payroll & VAT Services

Get a dedicated finance professional working for your business today!

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These services are for you if:

  • Don't know how to do the payroll

  • Don't have time to do it

  • Don't know how to process the VAT declarations and the VAT rules


With our Payroll system, you will know how much you will pay to employees and how much you will save monthly to pay to the Authorities and Insurance.

Our Payroll System:

- Register your employee with all Authorities and Insurance

- Process monthly payroll with our outsourced Payroll assistant or we will work close with yours.

- Sent to the Business Owners the amount to be paid as salaries, the amount to be paid to each Authority, and Insurance

- Once the bills come from the Authorities and Insurance, we will have the cash already saved to pay it.

With this system, you will not be surprised when the bill arrives!


VAT Services

We will help you with:

- Decision on VAT registration and the process forward

- VAT Quarterly or Semterly declaration

We can also help with questions you might have concerning:

- VAT on importing goods or services

- VAT on exporting your goods or services

- and other questions you might have.

What you will gain

  • You will have the payroll done on time

  • You will have a finance professional who will listen to your concerns

  • You will feel calm because we will respect all deadlines for payroll and VAT declarations

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