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Meet Our Team

Your Financial Partner


I am Cristina Quesado, the CEO of Smart Business. My mission is to improve your Business's financial health through Financial Education.

I left Portugal nine years ago to join my husband in his International career, which allowed me to learn about other cultures and ways of living.

After changing countries three times (France, Switzerland, and Dubai) and always starting from scratch all over again, I decided to take control of life.
I decided to start taking responsibility for my financial life. My Future.

Since I am passionate about numbers and planning, I started helping other entrepreneurs manage their money, plan for their goals, and make their businesses more profitable.


What is my approach?

Knowing that having a structure on your business finances would enable you to go from chaos to clarity, I have created a three-step system that will help you gain clarity, plan for growth, and successfully manage your finances to achieve your desired goals.

Why choose me?

🤝  Professional Commitment: Your success is my priority. I am dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism in every aspect of our collaboration.

🔍 Analytical Insight: My passion for numbers goes beyond calculations; I provide insightful analysis that guides strategic financial decisions.

🌐 International Perspective: Having lived and worked in different countries, I understand the global landscape, bringing a unique and broad perspective to your business.

📈 Results-Driven Approach: I am not just about plans; I am about tangible results. Together, we'll turn your dreams into measurable success.

💼 Entrepreneurial Empathy: Having started from scratch multiple times, I empathize with the challenges entrepreneurs face. I am not just an advisor; I am a partner in your business journey.

Our Team.

An all-female team can foster an environment encouraging women to excel and collaborate in their respective fields. This setting may also address and overcome women's challenges in male-dominated industries, promoting diversity, equality, and inclusivity.

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