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Meet Cristina

Your Financial Partner


I am Cristina Quesado and my mission is to improve the Financial Health of your Business through Financial Education.

We will sort out your receivables. Then, we will make sure you have enough cash to pay your obligations. We will use the Cash Flow Forecast to simulate ways of improving the cash position of your business and maximizing cash.

I left Portugal 9 years ago to join my husband in his International career and that gave me the freedom to learn about other cultures and other ways of living.

After changing countries 3 times (France, Switzerland, and Dubai), and always starting from scratch all over again I decided to take control of life.
I decided to start taking responsibility for my financial life. My own Future.

Since I have a passion for numbers and planning, I decided to start helping other entrepreneurs to connect their money, plan for their goals and turn their businesses more profitable.

You can see more details about my experience on my Linked In.

My Story

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