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About being
Financially Healthy

You have a Financially Healthy Business when you have a steady income growth, small variation in expenses, a growing Profit and Cash balance.

The Financially Healthy

In this plan, you will know what you will receive from your clients and what you will have to pay your suppliers.

I will evaluate your entries and documents. If necessary, make some changes to your business model.

- Accounts receivable

We will evaluate your Customer Invoices and your payment terms.

If needed:

We can issue your invoices.

We can nurture your Customer Relationship.

- Accounts Payable

We will evaluate your Supplier Invoices and your payment terms.

If needed:

We can register your supplier's invoices.

We can proceed with payments

We can nurture your Supplier Relatioship.

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Image by Carlos Muza

The Financially Healthy 
Payroll & VAT

In this plan, you will know how much you will pay for salaries, and employee & employer contributions and how much are you paying for VAT and when.


We will process your salaries with our outsourced payroll assistant or we will work closely with yours

If needed:

We can register your new employees with the Authorities and insurance.

We can do the monthly, quarter, or annual declarations


We will register your expenses and Invoices according to the VAT rules.

If needed:

We can evaluate the VAT report

We can do the Quarter or Semeterly VAT Declaration

The Financially Healthy

In this plan, we will build a Cash Flow Forecast and plan for your financial goals.

We will need to know how much is coming into your business, how much is going out from your business, and how much we want to keep in your business in order to maximize your cash. 

We will create a Financial Plan to see how you can maximize your cash and help you to reach your dreams.

We will plan to pay ourselves first, plan to pay the bills, prepare for taxes, and plan to maximize cash.

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Image by Riccardo Annandale

The Financially Healthy Evaluation Session

A one-hour session where we can solve one (or more!) of the following questions:

  • Where can I find cost savings in my business?

  • I’m not sure I’m doing my books right. Can you take a look?

  • How do I get my business out of credit card debt?

  • Am I paying myself the right amount? I should pay myself like an employee…right??

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