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Empowering Women in their Financial Decisions

Financial Management Services for Female Entrepreneurs

If you ever find yourself feeling drained, overwhelmed or stuck

when it comes to managing your business finances, I’m here for you.

Organising numbers and creating simple systems that support

your decision-making and growth is my passion.

When we work together, we’ll use my 3-step process to

put you back in control of your business – and free up your time.

Smart Business

Cristina Quesado

Our Mission

At Smart Business, we notice that despite working hard on your business, most entrepreneurs like you pay their team first rather than themselves.


There is also the double guilt when you miss hours in the business to be with your family, but when with your family, you think about what you should be doing in your business.


Once you have a structure for your business finances you will go from chaos to clarity.


I have created a three-step system that will help you gain clarity, plan for growth, and successfully manage your finances to achieve your desired goals.

To learn more visit my Services Page.

About me

I am Cristina Quesado, the CEO of Smart Business. My mission is to improve your Business's Financial Health through a simple system and Financial Education.

I am as passionate about numbers as you are about your business. I look forward to helping you confidently achieve your goals supported by the right information.

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Visualize a world where:

  • You never have to worry about how you’ll pay your bills or salaries.

  • You understand the numbers within your business and how to use them to guide your decisions.

  • Whenever you have a question, you have a trusted advisor to turn to who already knows your business and goals.

  • You felt confident that you will achieve even your most ambitious growth target.

This doesn't have to be a dream. This can be your reality!


Once you have your business finances organized, you will be able to plan and make decisions easily.

You will transform your business and reach your financial goals.


Even if you have a little financial knowledge.


Even if you do not have much time.


Even if you feel overwhelmed today.


Together, we can make a greater impact!

How we work:
Our 3 Step Chaos to Clarity System

Organization Step

In this first step, we will organize:

- the business documents (Insurance, business registrations, VAT declarations, etc...)

- customer's documents

- supplier's documents

- employee's documents

Planning Step

In this second step, you will learn:

- About P&L and Balance Sheet

- How to read your numbers for your business model

- How to build a budget

- Identify the numbers and resources you need to grow

Management Step

In the last step, you will learn:

- About Cash Flow Management

- Understand the cash in/ cash out on your business model

- How to build a Quarterly plan

- About Money Management


“Thanks to her professionalism, know-how, and direct communication skills Ms Quesado has become an indispensable member of our team. She has managed to (re) organize the association’s accounting in a way that is both clear, efficient, and easy to understand and is also coming up with creative solutions to help plan the association’s funding opportunities in view of our expansion. We highly recommend any company to work with her.”

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Want to know more and feel empowered by your numbers?

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