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My mission is to improve Women-Owned
Business Financial Health

What if I could take away the overwhelming confusion about your business financials and you just had to plan for your money every month?


A plan to pay yourself a higher salary, pay your bills, be ready for taxes, AND maximize your cash to uplevel your life.

Once you control your cash flow, you will be able to travel, work from home, and have a free lifestyle!

Sounds amazing? I can tell you it is possible. It is one of the best tasks you can have as a business owner.

Image by Carlos Muza

We will be your Finance Partner

Manage Customer Relationship

Manage Supplier Relationship

Manage your Payroll

Make a

Cash Flow Forecast


The Path Towards Good Financial Health Begins on the awareness of your numbers.

Start Today.

“Thanks to her professionalism, know-how, and direct communication skills Ms Quesado has become an indispensable member of our team. She has managed to (re) organize the association’s accounting in a way that is both clear, efficient, and easy to understand and is also coming up with creative solutions to help plan the association’s funding opportunities in view of our expansion. We highly recommend any company to work with her.”

- Lili Centre

“Proper financial control, guidance, and maintenance is the heart of the operation, Cristina with her expertise reflects it in every aspect of my company's development."

- Swiss Educational College GmbH

“​Cristina has been a great help to me in setting up my consultancy business. Professional, knowledgeable, reliable, and patient Cristina takes care of the administrative and financial side of my company so that I could focus on the business development aspects. She is someone I could always trust and rely on.”

- Pees GmbH

“​Cristina's expertise, attention, passion, and genuine interest in helping me achieve the best for my finances were essential for the thriving and smooth development of my business. I am truly grateful for her valuable guidance in navigating the financial structure of setting up a business in Switzerland.”

- Clinical Psychologist

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Let’s Get Financially Healthy

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