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Empowering Women in their Financial Decisions

Your dream team

Smart Business

Cristina Quesado

Our Mission

Our mission at Smart Business is to simplify your business financials, removing the overwhelm. We want you to focus on planning for your money each month - a plan that lets you pay yourself more, handle bills, prepare for taxes, and boost your cash for a life upgrade.

Take control of your cash flow with us, and enjoy a lifestyle where travel, remote work, and freedom are more than dreams; they're your reality.

Financial empowerment for every business owner is not just possible; it's your next step.

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Navigate to Success: Your Money, Your Plan, Our Expertise!

Managing your money is the ticket to success, but who needs the stress?

Let's team up to make your financial game plan - you handle the dreams, we'll handle the numbers.

Want to know more about Business and Personal Finance?

Great choice! Now it's time to get wealthy 

“Thanks to her professionalism, know-how, and direct communication skills Ms Quesado has become an indispensable member of our team. She has managed to (re) organize the association’s accounting in a way that is both clear, efficient, and easy to understand and is also coming up with creative solutions to help plan the association’s funding opportunities in view of our expansion. We highly recommend any company to work with her.”

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Ready to reach your full finance potencial?

Embark on your goal-reaching journey with us, where a variety of approaches and services are ready to cater to your unique needs

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Make a Cash Flow Forecast

Manage your Payroll

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